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How to Get Approved For BuySellAds – Publisher Account


BuySellAds is one of the top alternatives to Google Adsense despite the fact that it is not a PPC network. It is instead a premium marketplace for direct ad sales. Though they’ve got a very strict criteria for accepting websites, we however, luckily managed to get approved. (You can see the Ads in the header and the sidebar). And upon the request of many readers(who emailed us); here is a simple guide about how to get approved for just like we did.

The Requirements And How We Met Them?


Their policy states that the website must have at least 50,000 Pageviews per month. However, this does not restrict websites with top quality content from applying (i’m flattered :P). For instance, when we applied to their program, we had around 25k views monthly which are exactly half of the required page views. Astonishingly, we got accepted in the first go!
Here’s the email we received:
BuySellAds Approved

Website Design and Niche

We got accepted mainly because our content was unique and was of that particular niche that BSA technically favors i.e the Design and Tech niche. Yes! it is like that! BSA largely favors web design and development blogs.
Website design too plays an integral role. Your blog must look professional without any faulty sidebars/headers/footers and Ad Spaces should be visible and noticeable. It would be great if you place mock up ads in the ad zones and remove all the other ad networks from your website when applying to BSA. There’s a greater probability of getting accepted in this situation (I’ve experienced this). It is not any specific requirement but it helps.
P.S Website content must be in English too! This is necessary.




Why is Alexa Rank Important?

Alexa Rank

High Alexa rank is another prerequisite for BSA. Alexa rank is directly proportional to your website’s traffic and any website below 100k has a fair chance of getting enrolled into BuySellAds. We had a rank of nearly 75k when we got approved. There are a few techniques on how to improve Alexa rank highlighted in one of our other posts.

The Don’ts

  • Do not apply with a sub-domain (like blogspot etc.).
  • Do not have copied or spinned content on your blog.
  • Do not leave out on the description of your website on the BSA application page. Make sure you write a detailed description of your blog and its audience.
  • Do not re-apply in a day or two if your application gets rejected at first. Wait for at least 4 weeks and focus on enhancing your website’s traffic.

After satisfying all their requirements, you can apply to BuySellAds, get approved and end your dependency of Google Adsense. Please mention in the comments if you have any queries. Best of luck

Written by Ali Zohaib

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS. I am an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast.

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