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How To Identify Any Font On The Web


Web Designers looking for the newest and up-beat trends stick to bold and vibrant selection of font. Funky and chic typography always catches the eye. Everyday, we go through innumerable websites with brilliant typography and we wish to know what exactly the font used is – and that too without reading its CSS.Fount is the solution to this.

Fount is a bookmark app that recognizes the fonts used on websites, in addition to its size, weight and style. It comes in great use when designing a website and searching for fonts to use.

How it Works?

The procedure is really simple. Just bookmark this link and open any webpage. Then click on the Fount Bookmark and you’ll notice a cursor change. Now, highlight any text and on the top right hand side, you’ll obtain all the information about that particular text.


App Credits: Nathan Ford



Written by Ali Zohaib

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS. I am an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast.

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  1. This will not work on images. 99% of the time when you need to know which font is being used, that font is embedded in an image. There is an online tool that asks you questions about the font until it finds which font you’re using (for example, is with Sans Serif, is it bold, etc…)

    I wish there is a tool though were you can just upload an image and it tells you which font is being used, without spending 30 minutes or so (if you’re lucky) trying to guess what it is.

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