How to Install WhatsApp on PC with and without Bluestacks.


If you face this problem of installing WhatsApp on PC, it’s something we have got a solution for! Around

the world people find it an frantic job to install WhatsApp on PC because on our cell phones we are too

used to Application Downloading stores. While we don’t have such stores on our PC, we have the

easiest way for you to download WhatsApp on your PC with or without Bluestacks. Follow these steps

and you’ll have WhatApp on your PC with as much effort as you could have gotten it on your phone!

[divider]Without Bluestacks[divider]

Run WhatsApp on your PC without any software by this simple 9-step procedure:

1. Go to on your browser and sign up for a new account.

2. Then you need to confirm your account by verifying your email address. Open up your email,

you’ll find email there. Click on ‘use this link’ from the email.

3. Click on ‘Subscription’ on the left side of the manymo account.

4. Then click on ‘Launch Emulators’.

5. As you want to run WhatsApp on Emulator so click on launch with app.

6. Then you need to download WhatsApp’s Apk file from

7. After completing the download, upload the WhatsApp.Apk.

8. Now launch the emulator of your choice.

9. After the emulator is launched, you have to register your WhatsApp account.

[divider]With Bluestacks[divider]

Run Whatsapp on your PC with the software ‘Bluestacks’ by this 4-step procedure:

1. In order to download WhatsApp messenger on your PC, you have to download software

called Bluestacks. Enter on your web browser and then click ‘Download

Now’. Once you have it downloaded, install it.

2. After installing it, go to ‘Start’ on your desktop and write ‘start Bluestacks’ and click on it.

This will start your Bluestacks application loading for you.

3. Once Bluestacks application is loaded, go to search bar of it and enter WhatsApp

messenger. Click on the first suggestion that comes and that way you will have your

WhatsApp messenger start downloading on the Bluestack application.

4. You will then have WhatsApp icon on your Bluestacks application, click on it and register for


Such an easy-peasy way to download WhatsApp messenger on your PC, with or without

Bluestacks. All you have to do is pick either of the ways and follow the simple steps

prescribed for the way you choose and it won’t be a fretful job anymore.


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