How to publish WordPress posts using Microsoft Word

[ads1]There are a lot of WordPress users who are literally reluctant in posting stuff on WordPress due to its lengthy-but-no-so-difficult procedure. The everyday busy routine is leading them to get cold feet and thus, a considerable fraction of capable writers are wasting their potential. However, I hope this loss will definitely minimize after going through this article.

Today, an ordinary computer user wants everything to be done from his desktop. He is protracted when it comes to open the browser and do a particular task. In fact, today almost every prominent website is having a desktop manager. Similarly, WordPress also has the ability to connect with Microsoft Word for editing and publishing the content smoothly.

You have to do a simple prerequisite action in order to publish content from Microsoft Word. Remote publishing needs to be activated from your WordPress admin’s area. Go to setting –> writing and check XML-PRC under remote publishing section.

designpotato_remoteNow that your WordPress has been made ready to accept posts from remote sources,  you also have to connect your Microsoft Word to the WordPress.

Open Microsoft Word and click on File tab.  Go to New and then to Blog post. For the first time users, the word processor will prompt you to choose the service from the drop down list. Definitely, WordPress is the preference.

After choosing WordPress, a dialogue box will ask you the credentials of your WordPress Blog. Enter the Website’s URL and the username and password of the user, who wants to publish the post.



Once accurately done, you will be able to see a template with similar layout like WordPress. To further simplify it, WordPress would seems to be integrated in Microsoft Word and you can use it to publish your content in a hassle free manner.

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I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.

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