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How to Recover Unsaved Files in Adobe Photoshop CS6


Often while working in Photoshop, designers tend to forget to save their documents which, in case of a crash can be very upsetting. Though Adobe Photoshop CS6 has got this brilliant capability to recover the unsaved data at times when the computer fails to respond or crashes, there is also a possibility that Photoshop does not open up any previously unsaved file(yes! That’s happened with me). So in this tutorial, I am going to give details on how to get back these files.

Simply, you need to go to this directory(see in the image below) where the AutoRecover folder in present. This is found in β€œC:\Users\YourUsername\Appdata\Roaming\Adobe\AdobePhotoshop CS6\Autorecover”. TheΒ  App Data folder by default is hidden and therefore you need to change the folder settings for this purpose. You will find the last used file in the Auto recover folder in .psb format, which you can open up to get back to that particular unsaved file. πŸ™‚


P.S Illustrator CS6, unfortunately does not have this option yet and I hope in the future versions, Adobe will consider placing the auto recover option in there, too.

UPDATE: As promised, I have published the tutorial for mac users. Here it is:


Written by Ali Zohaib

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS. I am an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast.


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  1. Also, if you right click that “AutoRecover” folder, then choose Properties, then select the “Previous Versions” tab…. you can go back prior days and weeks to find unsaved work. Great.

  2. I used the C6 64bit version and my “%APPDATA%\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6” does not have this folder. I also did a hard drive search and still didn’t find it. Can this folder be located anywhere else? Mind you I accidentally press the “Don’t Save” option so maybe that deletes the AutoRecover folder?

    • Hi there!
      It’s surprising that you don’t have that folder. I checked on two of my PC’s(64 and 32 bit), and the AutoRecover folder is there. What you can do is – search for all the “.psb”(temorary photoshop files) in your computer and try opening them. Might just get what you’re looking for.
      Good Luck!

      • I don’t have an AutoRecover folder in Photoshop 2015 folder either. I ran a search and I had no .psb files. smh.

        How do I ensure that the auto recovery feature is running properly?

  3. I tried this, but the AutoRecover folder was empty, not only for today but for all other versions as well. How does that happen?

  4. I had more than one file open and Photoshop only recovered one that was sitting idle while the one I was working on is now…never to be seen or heard from again. Obligatory snide thank you remark, Photoshop.

  5. I’m confused. I saved my file, but hours later Photoshop crashed. When it reopened it asked me if I wanted the recovered version of my file; the recovered version was the exact same version of my project as my saved version; I had both opened on my desktop. I declined to save the recovered version since I already had it saved. When I closed the recovered version it also altered my saved version to a previous state and I lost hours of work. So I found this site and checked the autosave folder only to find it empty. What happened? Why does recovery effect saved files and why is the autosave folder empty?

  6. I don’t care how old this article is… You saved me SO much regret. Honestly, I hadn’t saved on the file at all yet, because I always forget to, and I had gotten so far that if I couldn’t recover it, I would have given up on the whole project. Thank you so much. As a kid, my Mum always would come around to the computer and ask if I’ve saved my work yet and yet I never learned… ^_^’

  7. I punched this (β€œC:\Users\YourUsername\Appdata\Roaming\Adobe\AdobePhotoshop CS6\Autorecover”. ) into my toolbar but nothing came up. How do I even get to the page that is shown in the diagram so I can get to the Auto Recover link?

  8. I got my hopes up only to find that the folder is empty. When I tried switching to the previous version, the only options were for 2 days ago or last week. All my work for today is lost. πŸ™ Going to have to start all over tomorrow. How do we make sure that it saves in the AutoRecover file?

    • Sorry to hear that. I advise you to use the Autosave feature of Photoshop CS6. That will save your file in a separate location and not over your actual file.

  9. thanks, it didn’t work for me but i guess it could work on the future… you see my problem was strange… i was trying to save my project but it wouldnt let me … it gave me the save option but when i hit save nothing happend the screen just dissapeared… if i tried to close it would say that the work was not close and that if i wanted to save .. it never saved.. when i finally closed the application… nothing was saved… when i went to this folders .. there was nothing there.. :(, did the search for psb files ..and nothing…. thank god i only got to do 2 text logos that weren’t so complicated… thanks anyways!!

  10. Thank you so much!!! completely saved me, was doing some drawing for an hour and a half totally slipped my mind that I hadn’t saved then crash!!! Luckily there was this and got it all back πŸ˜€

  11. I have found “Photoshop Temp3711771964” file only in %temp% folder. It is up to date, but I can not open up. It has’nt got extansion. I try to rename to a psb format, but when I open up, the CS6 says It is not a valid Photoshop document.
    I set up the Auto save function before chrash my PC, but when reopen the PS it do nothing πŸ™

    Please help, I have some importent images, and I had a long time to do these….

  12. Hi, I had the same problem, but the AuoRecover folder was empty. Is there any way I an recover the file I was working on?

    Please help! Thank you!

  13. I had a document on Adobe Photoshop for class that I worked on but on one of the pictures I pressed Ctrl+T so I pressed the red x and the entire thing deleted on the class computer. How do you recover that because I’m really freaking out

  14. I just have a question, I’m kind of confused cause when I open my AutoRecover files, I don’t see anything. You’ve mentioned to change the folder settings because it is in .psb format, how do I do so? Thank you, I hope you respond to my comment. πŸ™

  15. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! i had worked on this animation for HOURS thank you for saving me the pain of loosing it TvT

  16. WoW thanks a lot buddy you saved me, although its stepped back a few actions but thanks god i still recovered my vector work i had almost 200+ layers unsaved whew that was close thanks

    i dont understand i always remind myself to save save save but i still forgot to do it πŸ˜€

  17. hi, i lost my last file and i even searched in auto recover folder and i tried in properties also i cant get that file….can u help me out this……

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