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  • 5 Best Websites to send gifts online

    Lets face it. Some of us aren’t really that enthusiastic when it comes down to going out to shop for others. Like most of our problems, the internet has also provided a solution for this dilemma. There are numerous websites online that let you buy gifts for you loved ones and also to send them […]

  • 30+ Inspirational 3D Illustrations

    Designers seek ideas that might help locate a stupendous overflow of creativity, with a load full of imagination. Some seek inspiration while some hunt rapture & originality. And hence, they all prefer to jump-off to a kick start when a hard slogged design is on the line. This provides an obvious ground to majors like, […]

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  • 50 Tumblr Blogs for Inspiration

    50 Tumblr Blogs for Inspiration

    Want to blog? Use Tumblr, which says: “Tumblr celebrates creativity. We want you to express yourself freely and use Tumblr to reflect who you are, and what you love, think, witness, and believe.” A popular social service, Tumblr is a great place to create your own blog, customize it and fill it with your own content […]

  • 85+ Redesigns of Famous Logos

    An established fact amongst marketeers worldwide is that the logo speaks in a way no other thing can, for a brand. Logos of some of the world’s leading companies are household pictures for a reason. The simplicity of some, the high-end design of some or simply the millions of memories consumers attach to them make […]

  • 15+ Kickass Free Web Fonts For Web Designers

    Days of hard work doesn’t pay off until it meets utter perfection. Same way how designing is left unfinished, without the arrangement of letters in style. Designing a website maybe crucial but what gleams it up is the, smart and wise use of typography. A font plays a significant character in any design. It can […]

  • 26 Best Responsive Metro WordPress Themes

    25 Best Responsive Metro WordPress Themes

    Metro Designs are becoming epidemic after the arrival of Windows 8. Although, Metro user interface was first introduced by Windows 7 phone, but it did not much influenced the market. Websites were being designed in the same old overused patterns until the release of Windows 8. Since then, websites are experiencing a rife of metro […]

  • 6 Professional Music Recording Audio Processors

    6 Professional Music Recording Audio Processors

    It is a hard fact that a software cannot enjoy the monopoly for a long time. Rivals keep on launching softwares as soon as first of its kind is pioneered and released into the market. Same had been the case with Music Recording Audio Processors. Since 1997 many music recording softwares have consistently been developed and […]

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    30 Amazing HTML5 and CSS3 form design

    30 Useful HTML5 and CSS3 Form Designs

    Forms are widely used as an essential component of the websites. It does not matter what sort of website you possess, it must be having at least one type of a form. There are different form types: contact forms, sign up/log in forms and questionnaires are some of its most used types. A nicely designed. […]

  • 21+ Kickass Fonts For Designers (Newer)

    Logos play an important role in contributing to the value of a brand or product. An overview of logo redesigns of popular companies of the world and new ventures alike will tell that simplicity and an educated font selection is the mantra. Reiterating the ideas expressed in previous posts, fonts have indeed become a lifeline […]

  • 20 HTML5 & CSS3 Templates for Inspiration

    The arrival of CSS3 and HTML5 in the purview of designers have immensely increased their productivity. In other word, the span of creative designing have been dramatically expanded by the arrival of this dual pack. Designers have now been able to inspire their imaginations to design more abstract designs that previously were not possible or […]