How to Make a Successful Career by Blogging


How wonderful would it be, to convert your blog into the green-machine? You punch in a word and your blog spits out pennies. Head up in the clouds, you say? Have I been reading too many fantasy novels? Finding it hard to separate what’s real from what’s not?

Well I have been reading but a different genre: BUSINESS! And want to know what my buddies in suits have to say? Making successful career through blogging is attainable! So why don’t you get ready to count plenty of bucks after going through these simple tips.


You must have noticed numerous ads springing up whenever you visit a site. These are by the marketers desperately looking for their potential buyers online. And if these buyers happen to “stroll” on your blog, then what are you waiting for? Sign in the advertisements and start making money.

[divider]Google Adsense[divider]

Google Adsense is a simple, reliable and lucrative means of placing ads on your blog. It assesses the kind of people your blog would attract based on your content and will place ads accordingly. Hence, your can be assured that your blog is not unnecessarily spammed by unrelated marketing.


This is another way to make great money. If one of your visitor clicks on the ad, you get paid! And if they buy the product you get paid even more. This is a way to utilize your blog space by putting in ads that your visitors would actually pay heed to. You can also monitor the number of clicks, the revenue generated, and page numbers impressions.


Chitika is another source for your ad income. It puts specific ads for the target audience based on the keyword in the search engine that directed them to your blog. It works best if you are also reviewing products on your blog.


Freelance business is soaring and so are the potential job-seekers. To be honest, why wouldn’t it? Let’s admit it, you can pocket good money from it. So if you want to emerge as the content writer that surpasses everyone else, start blogging.

Your blog is your creation. Frequently updating it will brush up the skills that your freelance clients are looking for: time management, ability to write compelling content, meeting deadlines, experience, and well-versed in certain writing style. What could be easier than learning it by managing your personal blog? Hence, blogging certainly boosts your freelancing career.


Once you have gained popularity through loyal followers and ardent readers, start using this to your advantage. Salespeople are on a lookout for blogs that have a lot of clicks and views. An active blog is what they want to get hold on to their consumers. If you want to earn some extra money then leave some space in your blog for writing reviews for their products. Use your writing skills for marketing purpose. But be unbiased, you don’t want to turn your blog into an ad agency. Paint a complete picture by giving both sides: the good and bad. Conclude your review by giving a genuine approval of the product.

Sites where you can find such advertisers are

SponseredReviews –

Amazon –

Blogvertise –

[divider]Sell your own product[divider]

If you have gained experience in making sales for others, you might as well use this service for your own good as well. A lot of bloggers have something to sell such as a service or a product they make. What could be better than a blog for your promotion? You can upload videos, customer response and cleverly embed the features of your product in your story-telling to entice your buyers.


Your blog can substantiate your credibility. If you’re the beauty guru, tech-buff, computer-geek, film nerd, or WebMaster that is self-proclaimed second-to-none, then exhibit your expertise. What better evidence could there be than a written testimony. Give your readers a glimpse of your brilliant mind by filling your blog with details missed out by others, stories that prove you’re the hero of your job, solutions to head-scratching problems, and sneak-peeks of your current project.

[divider]Making yourself accessible[divider]

If you’re constantly adding to your blog, it will surely not go unnoticed. Maintaining your blog is similar to building up your resume in a creative manner. It will attract your potential employers who are willing to hire you based on your lengthy reference: your writing. Blogs put you under the public eye, and you can further improve your accessibility by using keywords to pull you’re the right people towards you.

Owing to the popularity of blogging platforms, many people can make the right connections. It is the ultimate social mechanism that directs your professional hub. If you’re a writer you will find other bloggers offering you to guest blog, while other techies would want to work with you on a project. So don’t forget to check your comment sections for such requests or simply mention your contact information in order to be reached.

[divider]Building Blog Traffic[divider]

Let’s end this list by concluding that all of the above would be not be possible without traffic on your blog. Traffic on your blog refers to the number of clicks, page visits, comments, and followers of your blog. Anything that makes the blog at the reading end. It shows that your blog is in fact popular. Many people have interesting content but fail to gravitate readers towards it due to a lack of complementary effort that is equally important.

If you don’t want to be one of those failed blogs get ready to make your existence acknowledge. Start commenting on other writer’s blogs. Bloggers are always on a look-out for new-bees because it helps to expand your social network. If you leave your link to your blog in the comments, don’t be surprised if you get an extra follower. This will also increase your chances of guest blogging which further helps you build more traffic.

At the end of the day it is in fact about the kind of content you write. All these others tactics are aimed at flocking readers to your blog and if your work is not good, they may never come back. So focus on the content. It should be updated frequently, and be relevant and engaging. This way you can be sure that the people would stick around.




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I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.

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