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Screencasting is used to record computer screen activity. It can also be used for purposes like explaining usage of a software, on-line demo, teaching etc. In this article, I am listing down some useful screencasting software with its features and comparison under some parameters i.e. Operating System, Software License, Output, Description etc.

[divider]1. Techsmith Camtasia[divider]



Developer/Publisher: TechSmith

Initial Version (Release): 2002

Current Version (Release): 8.3.0 (January 2014)

OS (Platform supported): Windows (this software is also available for MAC as Camtasia for Mac)

Software License: Proprietary commercial, Trial ware

Output: .camrec, AVI

Description: Software to capture screen (video) for creating video tutorials and presentations. It also provides a record plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint. Camtasia Studio comes with Camtasia Recorder and Camtasia Studio Editor. After developing, the video can be produced directly to YouTube account, Google Drive etc.

[divider]2. Adobe Captiva[divider]



Developer/Publisher: Adobe Systems

Initial Version (Release): Initially named as RoboDemo2 in 2002 by eHelp Corporation. Macromedia acquired eHelp and then Adobe acquired Macromedia. The product’s name changed from RoboDemo to Macromedia Captiva and then finally to Adobe Captiva.

Current Version (Release): 7.0.1

OS (Platform supported): Windows, Mac OS

Software License: Commercial

Output: SWF, EXE, MP4, HTML5, .aggr, .avi, .flv

Description: An e-learning tool for Windows and Mac which is used for screencasts, conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to Adobe Flash format, to author software simulations and demonstration etc. It can also import PowerPoint slides. New version provides support for HTML5-based eLearning content and also lets you create courses that meet accessibility standards.



[divider]3. Snagit[divider]



Developer/Publisher: TechSmith

Initial Version (Release): 1990

Current Version (Release): 11.4.1

OS (Platform supported): Windows (all features) and Mac (with some features)

Software License: Proprietary commercial

Output: MP4

Description: Snagit captures video display and audio output. It can also follow links in web pages, capturing the specified data from the linked pages. Its toolbar can increase capture speed by using the last capture method applied. It can also increase capture speed by allowing the method to be quickly changed through an option menu.

[divider]4. Freeseer[divider]



Developer/Publisher: FOSSLC

Initial Version (Release): 2010

Current Version (Release): 3.0.0 in 2013

OS (Platform supported): Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Software License: GPL (General Public License)

Output: Ogg

Description: A cross-platform Screencasting application suite which was released as a free and open source software. It consists of three different dependent programs: a recording tool, configuration tool and talk-list editor. Some other features include multiple audio input, support for basic keyboard shortcuts etc.

[divider]5. Active Presenter[divider]



Developer/Publisher: Atomi Systems

Initial Version (Release): 2008

Current Version (Release): 3.9.2 in 2013

OS (Platform supported): Windows

Software License: Proprietary software, Freeware

Output: AVI, FLV, MP4, SWF, HTML, WebM, WMV, free edition comes with AVI, MP4, WebM, WMV as Output

Description: Active Presenter is a screen casting and eLearning software for Microsoft Windows which is used to create software demonstrations which also provides with an easy way to publish Video to the web, desktops, mobile devices etc. It tracks and reports key metrics to evaluate performance of learners. It comes with three editions: Free, Standard and Professional.


After reading this article, you may have gained some information regarding Screencasting software and it’s usage. There are many other useful software for different platforms and with some great features. I am mentioning some of the names here. If you know some useful ones then please mention in the comments, which can further help other users.

Lighshot, Fraps, Jing, SmartPixel, RecordMyDesktop and ScreenFlow.

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