Top 5 Amazing Cloud Storage Services

Top 5 Amazing Cloud Storage Services

Those days are long gone when storing data securely was supposed to be a genuine obstacle. In the age of cloud computing, data storage has been made very convenient for almost all the computer users. In the past, people used to store data either on CD’s, flash drives or hard drives, but, with the invention of Cloud drives the data is secured on-line.

Unlike the other storage devices that wears away after a specific age, the cloud drives are available all the time and the data can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with internet connectivity.

Top 5 efficiently working cloud drives with their reviews are mentioned below.


This is one of my personal favourite drive offered by Google. 15 GB of free disk space is provided to the Gmail users. Also, higher capacities are available for executive uses. The users are charged according to their chosen plan.

The drive offers collaborative editing on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. The installation setup is available at After downloading and installing the Google drive on your computer, a folder is created in ‘my documents’ by default. The data that you paste in the folder is automatically uploaded on secure google servers.


Dropbox is one of the most preferred service for storing data specially photos. The drive provides a free space of 2 GB along with the motivational feature of increasing the original disk space by a certain amount. Paid users can store the data up to 1000 GB.

Like the Google drive, the Dropbox also makes a folder which uploads the contained data. Moreover, Dropbox has the unique feature of automatically uploading the new images directly from the camera without prompting to upload. In certain situations, it could become an unwanted feature,  therefore,  the settings icon in the task bar allows to deactivate the option.


Microsoft never remains dormant when its actually about internet. SkyDrive by Microsoft initially offers 25 GB of free disk space but after convening in April 2012, the space was downsized to 7 GB for all the new users. Paid storage plans are available on-line.
Still being the largest free cloud drive, SkyDrive allows users to upload 300 MB of data via drag-and-drop on web browser or up to 2 GB via the SkyDrive desktop application.

The only drawback however, SkyDrive is designed to work on Windows 7 or upgraded operating systems. All the other operating systems that were before windows 7 are deprived of this service.


Amazon drive is product of This is one of the cheapest cloud drive offering 5 GB of free disk space and 50 GB for just $50/year. Unlike Dropbox, Amazon doesn’t have automatic multi-computer syncing capabilities.


Mozy offers 2 GB of free space and works fine on Mac and PC. It stores multiple versions of  the files which are trashed every 30 days, therefore, you can keep making changes without any fear of damage or loss. Mozy offers paid storage at just $6/month, and 125 GB goes for $10.

Two important points should be kept in mind. Firstly the data could be misused if the account credentials are hacked and secondly NSA’s Prism surveillance program hold authority to inspect all the data without the permission of the user.

Later, we will discuss how these cloud drives actually functions.

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