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  • 15 Top Websites to Learn AngularJS

    AngularJS is a framework that helps you develop your applications by increasing their responsiveness and eliminating the need to plug in complicated codes. Mastering AngularJS will help you enhance the usability of your app and perform other functions that were deemed impossible in the tech-world. We are not strangers to the importance of AngularJS and […]

  • Top 24 WordPress Security Plugins For Bloggers

    WordPress based websites, like any other CMS are vulnerable to hacking. A tightly secured and “safe-from-hackers” website is the top most priority of a blogger. Several free and premium plugins are available on the web for enhancing the WordPress’ security system. Here is a collection of the Top 24 WordPress Security Plugins to increase the […]

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  • 20 Crucial jQuery plugins for Web Developers

    We are no stranger to the fact that jQuery has made life simpler for web developers through its JavaScript library. So call this a tribute for we have decided to list twenty of jQuery’s plugins that are important for any web developer who intends on making technically-fluent forms, websites, or mobile-applications. Chosen First on our […]

  • 15 Plugins to Make your Site Mobile-Responsive

    We live in a world where looking into one another’s eyes has been replaced with looking in your phones. And if people are already spending ninety per cent of their time on their phones, they might as well visit your site. In order for that to happen your website has to be mobile-responsive i.e. it […]

  • 6 Must Have Plugins for WordPress Beginners

    WordPress is a world both dynamic and useful. From scratch, its utility can only be enhanced by making use of the most essential tools and plugins that make life what it is for WordPress wizards. Its is both too complicated and difficult for beginners to choose and select the most essential of plugins. Here is […]

  • 5 Best Substitutes for Bitcoin

    As Bitcoin continues to soar in value, its attractiveness has increased for many investors but given the volatility and risks attached with this crypto currency, it also adds uncertainty that many investors want to avoid. So here’s the good news: Bitcoin is not the only crypto currency to hit the market! Let’s go through the […]

  • 6 Useful & Powerful WordPress Hacks

    Most of you might be wondering what the hell are WordPress hacks?! Well, it is simple. I will try to give you a bit of an idea. I hope it works. Everyone who has ever used WordPress to create his/her websites might be very well aware of the fact that WordPress’ own themes are extremely […]

  • 15 Amazing Gadgets for Windows

    Gadgets for Windows are a great way to get useful information at hand. Through these gadgets, you can keep tabs on your hard drive or CPU performance, launch apps quicker, see the weather and do unit calculations along with much more. As these gadgets do take up system resources, you need to be careful about […]

  • 5 Alternatives to GitHub

    GitHub is a useful web-based hosting service that uses the Git revision control system for software development projects. Free accounts are provided by GitHub for open source projects while the paid plans are available for private repositories.  Although GitHub is a good platform, if you are looking for alternative then read on to know the […]

  • 10 Best Online Speed Test Websites

    Everyone’s been curious to check how fast their internet broadband is. Here are a few sites to help: Intel Speed Test This Speed test was created by Intel mainly to target the gamers to check whether they would be able to play games online or not.   Bandwidth Place A one-click utility that lets you […]