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Top 10 Ways to Promote your Website easily


Every blogger has an eventual desire to receive appreciation for the article by the targeted audience. In doing so, bloggers practise different methods to promote their websites. The most common of which is immediately establishing a page on social media and inviting the friends to join the page. This over used cliche by bloggers and other web developers, now seems redundant for even producing more than negligible results.

I’ve garnered the top 10 ways to promote your website easily in a short span of time. Any blogger who wants to gain success should practise all of these methods. I would reiterate, a single leap in these carefully analyzed top 10 ways can scrap your expediting success.

[divider]Carry out Proper SEO[divider]

Proper SEO is the first step to success. A very simple and vital method of optimizing search engines incepts with Google Adwords : Keyword tool. Prior to writing the article, do utilize this tool to pick up the most relevant keywords with low competition and high search frequency. Once you have gleaned the most effective keywords, initiate the writing process and use these keywords in the content, headings, titles and meta description. In addition to this Keyword tool, I would radically exhort to submit the website in the search engines manually.

[divider]The Importance of Pinging[divider]

Once you’ve published the article properly and there remains no possibility of further editing, the most subsequent task is to ping your websites URL to expedite the indexing process of the search engines. The most prolific pinging website clients are, and It would take less than 5 minutes to ping using these websites. Once successfully pinged; the results would be imminent in few minutes.

[divider]Social Media Page[divider]

Social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook has shown substantial impact on websites traffic. Neglecting the cliched uses of social media, Facebook and Twitter has provided a marvelous platform to advertise your page to the relevant audience. You possess the complete authority to choose your viewers. The advert can be easily filtered via numerous categories present at the time of publish.

[divider]Exploiting Hashtags[divider]

The new trend of Hashtags by Facebook can be very fruitful if used in the right manner. Though, hashtags were first introduced by Twitter, but the strict filter by the website has strongly discouraged the new comers to share links with hashtags. On the other hand, the lenient Facebook has not yet promulgated any such kind of policy of discouragement. Since Facebook is allowing hashtags with links, the developers and administrators of websites should not let go of this golden opportunity. Posting tempting statuses with appropriate hashtags will definitely bring some very good organic traffic.



[divider]Social Media Popup Like Box[divider]

A very effective way of maneuvering websites’ random visitors is social media pop up like box. The script prompts the new user to join the social media pages before entering the desired page of the website. Those visitors who adheres with the social media could be easily notified whenever there is any new post or update of the website. A good java script for the same purpose can be found at with a completly comprehensive tutorial of installation. For WordPress users, one of the most recommended plugin is Social Popup is available at

[divider]Popular Link Directories[divider]

Web directories such as and et al some times play a very crucial role in boosting the websites traffic. Articles, which you consider could be helpful to the general public, should be shared on these Websites for gaining appreciation by more diverse and distinctive audience. A lot of bloggers have praised this scheme due to its prodigious results.

[divider]Guest Posts and Comments for building Back Links[divider]

Back links are a essential source for pulling the websites name in the first results of search engines. The best way to generate back links is posting as a guest and commenting on blogs with sustainable high traffic such as with a link of your website at the end. Remember, moderators would not allow posts and comments with an obvious intention of advertisement, so, be very precise while writing your comments and guest posts. The higher the rate of your back links; the more are the chances of new arrivals to your website.
A very worthy but depleting way to construct back links is the use of websites URL in signatures. After the hype of social media, forums such as vBulletin or PhpBB have experienced a considerable downfall. People bustled from forums to their social media pages and started business there. However, there still exist forums such as Digitalpoint, who maintained their traffic competitively and allowed links in the signature. These links could really be efficient in bringing some good quality traffic.

[divider]Adwords by Google[divider]

Adwords is an advertisement program by Google for websites. Developers wishing to get some good organic traffic should definitely take advantage of this program. Unlike  social media advertisement, Google adwords publish your adverts on different websites that could possibly guarantee of bringing some good genuine visits. You can assign your budget that should be minimum of $10 and choose the mode of payment from a variety of payment options. As soon as your captivating advert is displayed on various websites, a high volume of traffic will be experienced by your web server.
P.S. It is highly recommended to ensure that you get some good sustainable web servers before moving on to adwords by Google.


A not-so-common but apparently a cheap way to get traffic is to publish your websites advert in magazines. A lot of magazines offer space to advertise websites. Tutoring , shopping and websites of designer brands could take advantage of these empty slots in magazines.

[divider]Affiliate Marketing[divider]

If you have got some good marketing budget for your website, affiliate marketing is one of the best choice. Affiliate marketing lets everyone on the internet to get paid by spreading the name and bringing traffic to your website. The referrer’s username would be associated with the websites URL to counter the visit in his account. This method benefits both the referrer and the owner of the website mutually. The only drawback of this mutual relationship is the arrival of lame traffic with high bounce rate. Since referrer’s only objective is to bring traffic, they do not care for the quality of the visits. They just tend to bring traffic, either by legal means or illegal means. Thus, website owners should immediately warn the referrers whenever they notice a disturbing trend.

Written by Syed Ali

I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.


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  1. Well ! I think that you have missed picture alternative html tag. many people search images in the Google search engine , they can reach the blog or website through picture name.

    • Alt tags are undoubtedly one of the important promotion techniques, but I have stated the top 10 in my article which are more certain in generating quick results. Anyhow, Your suggestion is appreciable 🙂

  2. The cheapest and easiest way to promote the website aur to increase traffic is by giving add in will really workout.

  3. Social media and link building on directories and press release are still the best practice. Thanks for sharing such nice written article, it works for me to promote my site which is free online web directory.

  4. Promotion can be done with good content, as in self promotion. But I think you have to keep trying different methods. Most people give up after they don’t see any success, but think long term and keep trying regular ways.

  5. Well, first of all I like your blog name especially potato word and now as I can see that you’ve explained everything clearly but make some changes to it as this article must be modified. (A suggestion), but keep up the good work buddy.

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    WoW!! In the heart of the article, I’ll say it was Awesome article Am really sure that all these article are stable and best for available options. Thanks for sharing this list with us. I always take your advices very seriously, keep posted.

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