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Top 15 Websites to learn Web Design and Development


People are, at all times looking to enhance their skills at Designing and Developing websites. Formal education in this field is quite rare so in this article, I’m going to share the 15 Top Websites to Learn Web Design and Development from, more formally.

[divider][divider] is the place where you can polish your web design skills. Any query you may have related to the world of cascading style sheets, can be resolved here.  It has a complete knowledgebase of the css syntax with vast explanations and examples.

If you were ever wondering what exactly is the difference between margins and padding, or how to animate a button using CSS 3, then you definitely got to visit CSSTricks.

And all this is free! Yes! Free.


[divider][divider] is in my opinion, the best among all! The interactive on-screen exercises never let your interest graph to drop. Courses are designed in such manner that makes learning enjoyable, especially when it comes to more complex computer languages.  The user profiles are also fascinating at CodeAcademy. Badges and points are awarded to users after completion of each exercise which makes your profile look more professional and impressive. Interaction with a large community of programmers also helps in learning more skills for becoming a better coder.

Lessons are available for HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and other languages too. And yes, all free of cost!





CodeHS is founded by Stanford University Students. Its aim is to provide knowledge related to the field of computer science. There are a variety of courses offered and are cheaply priced.


[divider][divider] caters articles for HTML5, JavaScript, SVG, CSS3 and other web technologies. Additionally, it also offers tutorials on Mobile, Add-Ons, and tv. Users can even share their knowledge with the community by submitting their own articles too.


[divider]CodeSchool[divider] – Learn by Doing, as their slogan suggests, codeschool is yet another another online teaching website which is full of video lessons, coding drills, and screencasts  related to many renowned technologies. This includes Ruby, HTML/CSS and more significantly Iphone/Ios Programming Language( Objective C and Xcode).


[divider]KillerPHP[divider] , as the name suggests, mainlycontain tutorials on the PHP programming language. These tutorials are indeed designed and made with killer precision. A newbie can learn right from the basics to advanced programming techniques through this website.


[divider][divider] is one of the pioneers in providing online tutorials. It is in fact the largest database of tutorials on the web. Be it the Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress CMS, a Microsoft product or any other software/computer language, you can find approximately 2000(and increasing) lectures related to all these on

Though these lectures are not free, the quality and superiority of these tutorials are worth the price and that too, isn’t that high. Memberships start at $25/Month. also provides a seven day trial period for its customers so that they are completely satisfied when they decide to pay.



NetTuts is part of the Envato’s Tuts network of blogs which contain detailed tutorials related to website development. The website is regularly updated with newer tutorials, tips and tricks and freebies too. Membership at this website starts at $19/month. This is pretty cheap if you examine the stuff you get to learn in return.

Often there are free articles posted at nettuts which are equally resourceful.



P2Pu – Powered by Mozilla, P2PU provides free courses related to the web development. The good thing about this is that the lessons are available in even Spanish too.  Topics covered at P2PU include basic html, Advanced Coffeescript, PHP etc.



Skillfeed is a portal powered by the famous  Courses are offered for technical and creative development and the website has a super user-friendly interface.

Monthly subscription costs around $19/month and a 7 day trial is offered too.



Treehouse is one of my favorite website which has made learning a totally different experience for me. It too contains brilliant video tutorials on web and mobile development. One can become a Android programmer, Iphone application Developer or a PHP expert taking the courses provided by TeamTreeHouse.



Udacity offers affordable, accessible and interactive classes to students across the globe. Crash courses for web designing are available too.


[divider]Udemy[divider] is another growing website which provides training for web development and other technologies. The courses are available at different prices and also contain some free videos, through which one can get an idea of the professionalism and quality in their teaching material. Udemy is also optimized for ipad/mobile which serves as a portable teacher to many students across the globe. Web development courses at Udemy are highly regarded by many top notch programmers and have been featured in many popular technology blogs.


[divider]W3Schools[divider] is the place with loads of knowledge related to web development, all for free. It contains tutorials ranging from basic html scripting, css styling, to advanced server side scripting in php. The live editor feature enables the user to write and test the code directly in the browser.

Also, offers an online certification program, where you can get certified in the widely used web technologies.



Wptuts is also part of the chain of the Envato Blogs. It deals with the most popular CMS on the web – WordPress. This too works the same way as NetTuts and is also worth a try!

Also, there’s another blog part of this network which completely deals with web designing


Best of luck!

Written by Ali Zohaib

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS. I am an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast.


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