Top 5 Overused Android Applications for Tablets and SmartPhones


Do you want some new applications for your Android device?

We have a list of the top 5 Android applications. They are mentioned as follows:

[divider]Fruit Ninja[divider]

This is my favourite application. I would recommend you to download it.

It is a game where fruits will be thrown up in the air. Using any of your finger, slice them as fast as you can. It may sound very simple and it is, indeed, in the initial levels. However, as you proceed further, it gets difficult; the speed increases and the fruits start to get replaced with bombs. You need to be extremely careful at this point. Remember: DO NOT SLASH THROUGH THE BOMBS. If you do so, you will be given, more or less, two chances. If you still continue to use your finger over the bombs, you will be finished! Start all over again, then.

Mind my words: Fruit ninja is an addictive game. It is fun to play. You must try it and for that, you can download Fruit ninja from the Google Play store.

Do leave comments after trying out this Fruit ninja.

[divider]Status Agenda[divider]

Have you ever needed to quickly find out what time that appointment was and for some reason your Calendar app was not cooperating? StatusAgenda is for all those who face this problem. StatusAgenda is an awesome, free application that brings your calendars to your pull-down notification area. It allows you to quickly view or add various events or appointments to your calendar and, the best part is, it works in conjunction with your already installed Calendar application of your choice. It is an amazing application that can prove to be extremely helpful to all the busy people. You can download it from the Google Play store, which has an average rating of 4.4.

[divider]Ninja SMS[divider]

Ninja SMS is designed to provide an interactive pop-up for messages. It is very much similar to the Facebook chat heads. Easy to use, this Android application allows all messages to pop-up in whatever application you are currently using at the time. Thus, enabling you to view messages and reply back instantly. Again, Google Play store can help you in downloading Ninja SMS.

[divider]Incall Recoder[divider]

At times, you may want to record your verbal conversations with your friends and relatives. There may be several reasons for this: you might want a proof of someone’s confessions or you might want to save those talks as part of some good memories. Whatever the reason maybe, recording the calls was not very efficient a few years back. InCall Recorder might be one of the first call recording applications that works well, and it is actually free to install. Some people appreciate it, while the other users report it as not being compatible with the Android device. If you find this application of any use, my suggestion would be, go through the reviews and then have it downloaded. You can find it at Google Play store, too.


[divider]AVG Cleaner[divider]

AVG Cleaner for Android erases all browsing history from your email, app store and web browser and provides you with some free space on your Android device. Also, it can clean up call logs and text message logs. In addition to this, it allows users to monitor memory usage. Like all the above mentioned applications, you can have it downloaded from the Google Play store. Once that you have installed it, you can have it run automatic updates and use it to clean up your Android device.


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