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  • How to Prevent your Website from Over-Optimization?

    Recently Google announced that it would be penalizing websites that have been using search engine tactics for a higher ranking. This step is to discourage those site owners who rely on technical mojo rather than content to boost viewers. It has grabbed the attention of many to rethink their SEO strategies and called for a […]

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    10 Popular Platforms for Building Websites

    Website building can put you under a strain for there are so many aspects that you’d find yourself juggling with. Designing, developing, coding, and programming will leave your mind boggled and force you to ask yourself “Why did I get into this and how do I get out?” Fear no more! We have found 10 […]

  • 15 Plugins to Make your Site Mobile-Responsive

    We live in a world where looking into one another’s eyes has been replaced with looking in your phones. And if people are already spending ninety per cent of their time on their phones, they might as well visit your site. In order for that to happen your website has to be mobile-responsive i.e. it […]

  • 7 Best Institutes to Study Web Development in North America

    Skills can be learnt at home, simply through the internet. However, institutions are extremely important when it comes to acquiring knowledge regarding something. Why is it so? The main reason being that institutes have highly-qualified and experienced teachers and professors present in it, who make your learning process interesting. Also, teachers help to clear your […]

  • 6 Easy Ways to Reduce your Websites Bounce Rate

    Before beginning to tell you about the 6 ways to reduce bounce rate, I would want to write a bit about the bounce rates themselves. Bounce rate is the number of visitors who leave your website only after visiting a single page. Each page has its own bounce rate. A lot of people confuse bounce […]

  • 10 Important Traits of a Web Designer

    It is not enough for graphic and web designers to just have knowledge of the software that has to be used; they need to have skills which go beyond that. Technical skills are only the beginning and every employer considers them the most vital. However, one should always remember that to design an eye-catching and […]

  • 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making as a Blogger

    Time is a scarce resource. We all know that. It always will be. We know that, too. And with information everywhere, it is imperative that you treat your readers’ time with respect when they give it to you. What all I mean to say is that since blogging has become so common nowadays, it is […]

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    10 PrestaShop Engine 1.6 Themes

    Some Like it Hot? So Take it! Prestashop 1.6 is Here Have you heard the news? Prestashop announced release of its engine latest version! Now let us introduce you Prestashop 1.6! If it doesn’t ring a bell to you, we’ll just say it is significantly better than the previous versions. Just take it on trust […]

  • 25+ Google Chrome SEO Extensions For Keen Webmasters

    Search Engine Optimization plays a pivotal role in a website’s success. It is that appearance of the website, on the very first pages of Google that can grow one’s traffic and in turn, revenue to the maximum. Therefore, it is essential for webmasters and bloggers to have a thorough knowledge of the art of search […]