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It is indisputably true that WordPress is one of the most used and highly acclaimed Content Management System (CMS) to-the-date. There are certainly some very strong factors for its enhancing dominance in the market, but one factor that I believe to be the most pivotal is its theme designs.

WordPress possesses the biggest library of themes than any other CMS. This exclusiveness of WordPress has made it totally incomparable. A number of WordPress themes are available which are specifically designed to satisfy websites of different categories. Magazine, E-Commerce, Retail, Corporate, etc. are some of its most famous types.

WordPress themes have become a hot business these days. New designers and developers are particularly learning the WordPress codex to tailor and sell WordPress themes. High quality premium WordPress themes developed by these innovative designers and developers are available to us via some particular websites. Apart from ThemeForest (i.e. the biggest online market for WordPress themes), a list of top 10 websites for High Quality Premium WordPress themes is defined below.


1. Themify




2. Theme Trust[divider]



3. Theme Fuse[divider]



4. New WordPress Themes[divider]



5. Elegant Themes[divider]



6. Ink Themes[divider]



7. Flexi Themes[divider]



8. Studio Press[divider]



9. Moon Themes[divider]



10. FWP Themes[divider]



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