Why Developers Should Care About Using HTML5?


HTML5 is indeed used frequently in web and application building projects and it has truly become a signifier for accomplishing robust development projects. Although, HTML5 is not something new introduced into the technical realm, it’s been with us for a few years now. As the widely used markup language, HTML5 has been able to achieve a great success in addressing the modern needs and  demands of a website. It is becoming new standards for experimenting in detailed ways and adopt best approach for developing applications to give customers exactly what they want.

Back in 2012, the year when HTML5 made its move for latest protocols that determined ways for content, layout and navigations bought dynamic twist to the world of Internet. HTML5 continues to grow by every leap and bounds and indeed, it is the future- believe it or not. Though the platform has not caught the fire among many developers yet, but HTML 5 can prove advantageous in many ways.

In order to further highlight the benefits of using HTML5 and help designers and developers to dive into the platform, we’ve put together a list of compelling reasons about why we should start using HTML5. The list may not be groundbreaking but can inspire you to know and use more of this platform.

[divider]HTML5 Offers a Rich Pool of Features[divider]


As people are spending more time on Smartphones and tablet devices, app and web developers are focusing on determining ways to create a richer and useful experience for their users. And as compared to previous versions of HTML, HTML5 offers more tools and features that make app development much easier and functional. Applications based on it can be updated remotely without having any need to press the update button every time. This way, HTML5 reduces the chances of poor performance and functionality gaps that existed between mobile websites and applications.

[divider]It’s Becoming a Development Standard[divider]

2Why should anyone care about using HTML5? There are couple of factors favoring this point. First of all, developers are pleased by this platform because of its ease of use and rich functionalities. Secondly, it is compatible to multiple browsers so there is no need to worry about accessibility issues. Thirdly, whether it’s about developing a new UI, plugin or a carousel, HTML5 has everything you’d expect to work on these disciples.

[divider]It Ensures Accessibility[divider]

HTML5 is a great platform for improving the accessibility of websites. The different components of this platform such as header, footer, navigation, section etc., make it extremely easy for the visitor to scan the overall design of the website and make them consume the content in a best possible way. With the help of its semantic tags, readers can better analyze the web page and have a pleasing browsing experience.

[divider]Integrated Audio/Video Playback[divider]

In the previous HTML versions, developers were compelled to use third-party tools such as Adobe Flash Player, Quicktime etc., to integrate audio and video files. But with the advent of HTML5, the problem has been solved as it supports audio and video files.

[divider]HTML5 is Fast and Inexpensive[divider]

One of the biggest advantages of using HTML5 is that it improves productivity and ensure better results without breaking the bank. By focusing on developing applications and websites that are compatible with all the modern browsers, it allows developers to focus on developing functionalities that look and feel beautiful when running on different devices. The whole process is fast and effective from the development point of view.

[divider]HTML5 Can be Optimized for Mobile Devices[divider]


Responsive or mobile-friendly websites are easy to build with HTML5. It makes it extremely easy for the webmasters to create websites and web applications, that look graceful on both desktop and mobile devices. Without feeling the hassles of horizontal scrolling, mobile users can browse the web efficiently.


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