Why Is Flippa Best For Selling Websites


Flippa is a great well established website which facilitates sales and purchases of blogs and websites. It can be compared to the eBay for sales of blog and websites. Anyone can set up their account, pay the required fees and list their blog or site for auction. Accounts can be created by potential buyers which they can use to bid on blogs and websites of their liking. Through Flippa, hundreds and thousands of blogs and websites have been sold making it the best place online for selling websites.


The accounts at Flippa are all verified for authenticity. When a blog or website is listed by a seller for sale, the site offers tools to allow potential buyers to see the Google Analytics and Google Adsense verify the website or domain ownership, and view quality indicators from multiple sources such as Alexa, Googlr, SEOMoz and others.

Buyers and Sellers are offered a standard sales agreement from Flippa for their protection but they can also create their own if this is what they prefer. Communication is made possible between the sellers and buyers through private messages or comments on the auction listing. To make sure that artificial inflation doesn’t take place on bids, Flippa takes action behind the scenes to match the accounts with previous bogus bidding.

A support forum can be accessed by users to get assistance and all sales conducted on Flippa are done through This means that the process of sale is less risky than one taking place directly between a seller and buyer and both the seller and buyer need to indicate their satisfaction before the money is released. To ensure authenticity of buyers and sellers, A feedback tool along with a dispute resolution feature is also provided by Flippa.


[divider]Flippa Pricing[divider]

The Flippa pricing page lists all the current pricing. At the time this article was written, the following basic sales and listing fees were there:

Fee for creating a listing to sell a new website = $9

Fee to be paid by the seller a new website is sold = 15% of sale price ($10 minimum and $2,000 maximum)

Fee to be paid by seller to create a listing selling an established domain and website = $29

Fee to be paid by the seller when an established domain and website are sold = 5% of sale price ($10 minimum and $2,000 maximum)

Payment can also be made by buyers for optional upgrades to increase bids and make auction listings to be featured. The following are the upgrade fees when this is being written:

Confidentiality agreement = $100

Fee for getting listing featured on Front Page = $50

Fee for listing in private = $30

Fee for listing the tile in bold = $5

Listing row highlighted in search results = $10

Fee to get Screenshot included in listing in search results = $20

Fee to hide listing from offsite and offsite search results for users who are not logged in = $20

Fee for tweeting the listing to followers of the @FlippaListings Twitter account = $80

Fee for priority support and positioning and Premium domain listing = $500

Fee for qualifying websites for priority support and positioning and premium website listing = $250

Tips for finding websites on Flippa


[divider]Shill Auction Bidding[divider]

How can one spot shill bidding or suspect when they are being shilled? Honestly, it’s not much hard to avoid shill bidding. You can still be on the lookout for a strange bid. Additionally, some signs have been shared by eBay Guides to help you spot shill biddings on their site. These rules are pretty useful and can also be also applied on Flippa.

[divider]Research The Website First[divider]

When you have interest in purchasing a website, you should first conduct a Google search of the domain. This is the primary step to check whether a site is worth purchasing. If only a few pages can be found or negative feedback is present about the site, then it is better to move on.

For Big Deals, use Escrow service

The escrow service acts the role of a middleman between the seller and the buyer. It holds the money paid by the buyer until both the buying and selling parties are satisfied that the websites has been successfully transferred from the seller to the buyer.

It is a great safety precaution for sellers as well as if the buyer accepts using escrow services, then there is less risk involved. It is recommended that be used for big deals such as those of a $5,000 value or more. Never opt for electronic transfer or Western Union as an option for website payment. In case you want a faster transfer of website ownership, then the best weapon for you is PayPal.

[divider]Google Analytics proof is must[divider]

Any website’s reliable traffic proof is a Google Analytics PDF report.  If any Google Analytics attachment or any other proof of traffic is not uploaded by a website owner, then placing a bid on such a listing is obviously useless. Google Analytics is a much required website statistics tracker. If the seller is not providing such information then it might be so that they are hiding something or don’t want the buyers to know about their website’s low websites. Always keep away from such listings which do not have any Google Analytics or other traffic proof.

[divider]Beware of Previous Listing History[divider]

You may sometimes notice the presence of a yellow auction triangle beside the auction deomain. The number displayed shows how many times previously the site has been listed. The relisting fee at Flippa is half price only, and lots of people would like to their site listed again if it couldn’t be sold the first time. Beware of sites which have been listed multiple times in the past, there must be some problem due to which they haven’t been able to attract any buyers yet.

Making use of Flippa to buy and sell websites and blogs is pretty accessible and easy. All it takes is to create an account to make your listing and respond to any subsequent questions from potential buyers. If you meet with success in making a sale, then you can transfer your site’s ownership and receive the money. It’s that simple.

Flippa helps you in getting your listing viewed by a much larger audience than you would have been able to reach on your own. Although there are risks involved, they aren’t really significant and Flippa provides you the peace of mind and security which a typical private sale may not provide.

If fee payment is not an issue for you, then Flippa is the best option for selling websites or blogs or buying new ones on the internet.

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